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Out of the multitude, God cares about the one.  His Word shows us example after example of the importance of one life to God.  He is the Good Shepherd who will leave the entire flock to go and find the one who is lost.

On Jesus’ way to Galilee, He went through Samaria, a place considered to be so unclean that the Jews would travel miles and miles out of their way to avoid it.  But Jesus had an appointment there because of the importance of one life to Him.  So, He waited by the well for the outcast, unclean and shunned Samaritan woman and completely transformed one life.

 At Jericho, where a crowd was gathering along the roadside to see Jesus, one man, named Zacchaeus, so desperately wanted to see him that he climbed up in a Sycamore tree.  And although he was a tax collector, considered by others as the worst of sinners, Jesus singled him out from the crowd, called him down from the tree, and completely transformed one life.

We learn from the Book of Acts that God directed Philip away from a growing and powerful ministry in Samaria because there was one Ethiopian man in a chariot on a desert road, reading Isaiah and searching for God with all his heart.  God used an angel and the Holy Spirit’s leading to direct Philip right to this man’s chariot, to open up the scriptures to him, and to completely transform one life.

 What would have happened to the one who was lost, to the Samaritan woman at the well, to Zacchaeus in the tree, or to the Ethiopian man on the desert road had there not been one willing to go, willing to serve, willing to love, willing to care? 

Some of them were not a pretty sight, but unclean, the worst of sinners.  Some of them were desperately searching for Jesus; and some of them didn’t even know they needed Him.  But the one thing they all had in common was that Jesus placed tremendous value on their lives.

And because of His love, eternity is shaped, one life at a time….


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